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We present an evaluation of all work carried out at Kızıldağ to date and present new information from recent work. In the course of three surveys at Kızıldağ, we discovered two castles built on different levels, belonging to two different periods. The fortresses on top, measuring 90 m in diameter, were encircled by a circular rampart that supported eleven towers. The rampart wail was 1.70 m thick; six of the towers were 4 m in diameter while the rest were 3.20 m in diameter.

The remains of the building inside the castle were situated next to the northwest side of the rampart. On the west part of the rampart, a building with steps, a libation hole, and an inscription of Kızıldağ 4 are situated next to one another.

Pottery sherds indicative of the Iron Age, Hellenistic, and Roman Periods were collected from in and outside the castle. These ceramics are generally cream, light brown, orange red, or brown colored; they are slipped and the paste is mixed with sand, tiny pebbles, lime, and/for mica temper. Painted ceramics occur as well, and usually display a geomet­ric pattern. Although there is a hieroglyph inscription at Kızıldağ, it is too early to date the site to the Late Hittite period

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